The Difference Between OTF and Gravity Knife

OTF Knives, or also called an out-of-the-front-blade knife, folding knife, or sliding knife, is usually a compact, pocket knife with a single blade that opens and shuts through a small hole on one end of the handle. Contrast this with most regular knives, which are often either fixed blades or are self-defense weapons. For this reason, OTF Knives are popular among everyday women for everyday use. While many women carry knives around their body for protection, they are not meant to be weapons. OTF knives are designed for a particular purpose. This makes them very easy to use, practical, and to store in a small, convenient space, click for more details.

Most OTF knives will feature a single, fixed blade that can be opened and closed in either direction, and is often referred to as a "deadlock." This allows the user to use the knife without having to shift their weight from one side to the other, which can cause some problems. Many manufacturers use a double-sided edge for the blade, which means that it can only be used in an edge or lock fashion. In addition, these types of knives are typically sold with a thumb depressor that allows for simple use with one hand. Check out on this company now.

A couple of things to keep in mind when choosing an OTF knife include their build quality, and their ease of opening the knife. If you are a small woman with small hands, the small size of most OTFs may not be ideal. Many companies offer models that are larger, but they are still smaller than many pocket knives. OTFs without or reinforced blades are also usually not recommended for use by women with small hands, as they are more likely to inadvertently hit their hand against the sharp edge of the blade.

The handles on OTF knives can vary greatly, including those with a wood or carbon fiber handle, or metal frames that are painted or coated. The anodized steel blades, which are coated in aluminum oxide, are the best handles because they are harder and less likely to become damaged if used incorrectly. Some of the newer OTF models feature anodized handles made from anodized aluminum.

Some of the other differences between OTFs include the fact that some feature a clip point blade, rather than a serrated edge. These knives are also known by the names Spyderco, and Schrade. A clip point blade will do quite well as a general purpose knife because it is able to work as a paring knife or other utility knife. A serrated blade is best used as a cut-throat knife or other utility knife because the blade will cut through tissue, or flesh.

Because of their popularity, there are many imitations of OTF Knives on the market. While the knives are excellent for everyday use, many people opt to purchase a gravity knife to carry a variety of items including screw drivers, pocket knives, pens, and other items they need to complete everyday tasks. If purchasing an OTF model, be sure to check for the knife's quality. With a little research, you should be able to find an excellent light-duty knife that will meet your needs. You can click here: for more details.

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